FaCE-It aims at understanding the impact of fining and the hardening on the benthic ecosystem functioning (i.e. biogeochemical cycling and food webs) from the local scale to those larger scales in which marine managers are interested. Focus will be on the effect of sediment fining on nutrient cycling, and on the effect of hardening on food-web structure and carbon flow.

Project dates: 15 December 2015 to 15 September 2020
EMBRC-BE role: KBIN and UGent (Marbiol) are partners
Funding:  (BELSPO project)

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Current projects

8 new Horizon projects
EMBRC-BE partners are participating in 8 new Horizon projects.
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Atlantic ECOsystems assessment, forecasting & sustainability
The EU-funded AtlantECO project aims to develop and apply a novel, unifying framework that provides knowledge-based resources for a better understanding and management of the Atlantic Ocean and its ecosystem services. Focus areas include: microbiomes, plastic and the plastisphere, and seascape connectivity.
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ISIDORe: Integrated Services for Infectious Disease Outbreak Research
This project will support the generation of new knowledge and intervention tools to help control epidemic-prone pathogens such as SARS CoV 2.
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IMBRSea: International Master in Marine Biological Resources
IMBRSea is a joint master program organised by 10 leading European universities in the field of marine sciences, supported by EMBRC. IMBRSea prepares students for the rapidly evolving demands of the blue bio-economy and research on the sustainable use of marine biological resources.
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